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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance funds, up to a maximum of $2500 per year per eligible worker, are available for credit or non-credit courses provided by schools listed in the current “Accredited Institutions of Post-Secondary Education” or by private occupational/vocational schools recognized by state boards of vocational education. For states without state boards of
vocational education, and for other exceptions, the Institute for Career Development will make a determination as to the eligibility of a provider not included in the current “Accredited Institutions of Post-Secondary Education” to receive tuition assistance funds.


ICD is funded on a calendar year basis. Tuition assistance is available for the current calendar year only. Students must apply for tuition assistance prior to attending any class at any institution. The annual limit of $2500 per eligible worker is not cumulative. Individuals may not carry forward unused portions of their tuition assistance for use in later years. Tuition
Assistance is available on a first come – first served basis. If a steelworker receives reimbursement from any other source, no duplication of payment will be made for that member.


The use of such funds will be limited to tuition costs, the costs of mandated books, and the payment of course-related fees such as required lab fees. Career Development funds will not be used to pay for such things as monetary incentives, parking fees, non-required books, or subscriptions to periodicals. In addition, the use of Career Development funds for the purchase of such items as personal computers, sets of tools, firearms or kits, engine analyzers, or any engine repair equipment, even if such equipment is associated with a given course, is prohibited. Neither may Career Development Programs funds be used for
equipment rental fees, such as aircraft, boat, welding, or scuba gear rental.


Tuition assistance funds may be used for either degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking courses. However, classes or courses with the primary purpose of recreation or personal enjoyment, rather than career or educational development (e.g., Weight Watchers, golf, and martial arts), are not eligible for tuition assistance funding.



Per the Institute for Career Development, the following policy is effective immediately.  An active Local 1440 or 2571 member can expend up to $4500 of program funds for combining TA (tuition assistance) and customized courses under the following circumstances: Tuition Assistance (TA): If seeking a degree from an accredited school or by private occupational/vocational schools recognized by State boards of vocational education. This will also extend to schools approved by the ICD as “An Exception to Policy Provider.” Customized classes: If courses lead to certification from a nationally accredited body. Candidates must get approval prior to registering for classes and their expenditures may NOT EXCEED $4500.  An Educational Development Plan and Issuance 14 from must be filled out and approved by the LJC and the ICD Governing Board.


Tuition Assistance Application 

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