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What Is ICD

ICD (Institute for Career Development) is a benefit the Steelworkers first negotiated into the basic steel labor agreement in the 1980's. Recognizing that the steel industry was on the verge of upheaval and contraction, then International President Lynn Williams viewed this as a way to make sure Union members who were laid off or forced into early retirement would have the transferable work skills necessary to find other good paying jobs. However, ICD is more than a hedge against mass layoffs and plant closings. Williams described it as a way to prepare our members for life after steel. He pointed out that no one wants to die in a steel mill. Whether looking for a part time job, saving money through do-it-yourself projects, or enjoying a fulfilling hobby, ICD can also prepare members for a happy retirement. Whether computer, hands-on, art, or miscellaneous, some classes are structured to allow spouses, retirees, and salaried people to participate. Members of the Local Joint Committee are always open to suggestions of possible future classes. ICD will do its best to locate instructors for any subject with high demand. The ICD benefit also allows active hourly employees to attend classes at approved educational institutions. ICD is a joint initiative, with labor and management working together to provide educational services to Steelworkers. Today, there are more than 70 Career Development Programs nationwide in the steel, tire and rubber, and glass industries. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities for job enhancement, personal development and successful retirement for our members. To take advantage of this benefit, call Jessica Carpio at 925-439-6189 or

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